About Flour & Flower 
It all began when my mom asked me to make a birthday cake for my grandfather's summer birthday. My pleasure! Perfecting the recipe to make it delicious and tempting was my top priority. Too many times, I had purchased beautiful desserts but was left disappointed with the taste. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect", and thus the perfect recipe was created. 
Priority number two was presentation. The summer garden provided inspiration and experimenting began with beautiful, edible, organic and pesticide-free flowers and herbs. Practice did, indeed, pay off. The birthday cake was a showstopper! 
Flour & Flower believes that beauty should never be sacrificed for taste. 
Word of mouth, social media, and several celebrations later, orders for my unique floral creations became a regular occurrence. F&F continues to provide bespoke products for small intimate celebrations, weddings, specialty retail outlets, to large-scale corporate gifting. 
Meet The Team...
Rachel - Owner; CEO
  • Mom of Three - Lyla, Charlie & Madden
  • Wife of One - Adam
  • Dachshund Parent - Millie
  • Musical Theatre Enthusiast (can sing every word to almost every broadway musical)
  • Super-Organized
  • Appreciates attention to detail and takes the time to do the same. 
Madi - Director of Operations
  • Photographer
  • Dance teacher
  • proud aunt to Winnie and Rose
  • Loves spending time at the lake
  • enjoys being creative 
Hennie - Events Manager
  • Parti-poodle Mom - Hudson
  • ultra-organized
  • philanthropist
  • believes it’s important to take the time to smell the roses…. and pansies, dahlias, lavender, hibiscus, etc. 
  • Certified in Horticultural Therapy 
Susan - Office Manager
  • Proud cat mom to Bootsy, Ginger (aka Gingey) and Tabitha the Tabi Cat
  • Loves zumba
  • Cross-stitch Queen
  • Loves spending time with her family 
  • Loves baking and experimenting with new ingredients
Sam - Team Assistant 
  • Triple Threat
  • Movie/TV Show actor
  • Stunt Actor
  • Animal/Nature lover