5 delicious Valentine’s Day treats for the unsung heroes in your life

We believe Valentine’s Day should celebrate all kinds of love and appreciation–not just the romantic kind. This year, show some love and sweetness to the special people in your life, who go above and beyond for you. We promise your act of kindness will top anything Cupid had in store for them!

Rose gold bark

Rose Gold Bark for your barista

They brighten your day each morning, knowing your exact order, and even spelling your name right. Bring a bag of our Rose Gold Bark for your gold standard barista, and you’ll enjoy grande perks, like extra whipped cream for life.


Sweetheart Box with Valentine's Day cookies


Sweetheart Box for your school administration

Administration are the unsung heroes of elementary schools, so let our Sweetheart Boxes sing their praises! Filled with an assortment of our most popular cookies, this Valentine’s Day surprise is undoubtedly A+ material.


Smash heart with candy


Smash Heart for your therapist

Feel like smashing your head against the wall after therapy? Imagine how your therapist feels. Our Smash Heart is the perfect treat to help them express their stress in a healthy way.


Mini Cakes


Valentine’s Mini Cakes for your mail carrier

Delivering the mail, rain or shine, is no cake walk, so what better way to show a little love to your mail carrier than with a box of mini cakes


Rosie Shortbread


Rosie Shortbread for your aestheticians

Not only are our Valentine’s Day cookies delicious, they make perfect props for your nail technician’s themed photo shoots. 

This Valentine’s Day, make the holiday even sweeter by surprising your unsung heroes with a tasty Flour & Flower treat. We bet you anything it’ll be a gesture they’ll never forget.

Written by Flour and Flower
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