Make birthdays bloom: five fun ways to celebrate with Flour & Flower treats

Dreaming of a birthday that’s in full bloom? We create desserts and cakes that taste just as good as they look (and trust us, they look good!). See all the delicious ways we make birthdays and celebrations extra sweet!


1. Cakes (duh!)

A birthday isn’t a birthday without a whimsical floral cake. We have beautiful designs to choose from, but we also love creating custom designs. Bring us your vision, and we’ll make your birthday dreams come true!


2. Loot bags

For sweet-as-can-be loot bags, our individually packaged treats make party planning a breeze. Petal Pops, Blossom Bars, and Iced Sweet Shortbread are a parting gift that keep guests savouring the merriment long after the party ends.   



3. Dessert tables

Why stop at cake? Fill a table with every sweet under the sun, like a garden of delights, and guests will indulge and celebrate until the sun sets. Our Sweet Boards are the easiest way to create a dessert table, with a delicious assortment of our treats, but you can also order off our menu, with sweets like Mini Cakes and Floral Brownies, to create your own custom table.


4. Birthday brunch

Start your special day on a high note with a birthday brunch complete with our Rose Petal Jam and Lavender Jam on the breakfast bite of your choice. (Zero judgement if a slice of cake makes its way to the breakfast table.)



5. Gift Pots

For sweet tooths, green thumbs, and your best bud, there is no better present than our Gift Pots. Available in three different sizes, these grab-and-go gifts are filled with our most popular treats. And once every crumb has been enjoyed, the birthday babe will be left with a beautiful terra cotta pot containing plantable seed paper that blooms into gorgeous wild flowers. 

Celebrations are our specialty, and we love making birthdays and parties extra unique with our floral sweets. If we’ve “planted the seed” for your next soiree, reach out and we can help plan the ultimate dessert table!

Written by Flour and Flower
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