Five holiday party ideas that pair perfectly with treats

The holidays are a beautiful time to gather with those you love most…to eat. But the stress of a big dinner party can bring out the Scrooge in anyone, so take a page from our recipe book and try one of these low-key, creative holiday parties instead. Trust us, there will still be food aplenty, but this way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it too!

Host a Holiday Movie Night

If holiday parties conjure visions of red wine stains and dishes piled up for days, skip the daunting dinner party and opt for a low-key festive movie night. Loungewear is mandatory, and popcorn is obvious, but our Rose Petal Caramel Corn elevates the night to a decadent degree. Serve it with a festive bourbon-based holiday cocktail for a flavour pairing that’s sweet, smoky, and seasonal.

Gather Friends for an Evening Skate

Embrace the chill with a fun, festive skate. Public rinks, strung with lights, are the perfect backdrop for a sweet skating soiree. Pack thermoses with hot chocolate and tea, and treats like our Floral Rice Krispie Trees and classic Flower Cakesicles on sticks—which are easily enjoyed with mittens on!



A Holiday Tea Party

Pinkies up! For a relaxed holiday tea, assemble a beautiful spread of little sandwiches and treats, like our Holiday SweetBox and Christmas Mini Cakes, and of course a selection of teas. You can find beautiful vintage teacups at your local thrift stores, to add to the visual beauty of the afternoon.



Host a (Lazy) Cookie Swap

All the power to you if you want to bake your own, but if a lazy cookie swap is more your style, Flour & Flower is here to help! Our Holiday SweetBoxes, Mini Rose Imperial Cookies, and Cookie Sandwiches will ensure you don’t suffer the ultimate holiday humiliation: carrying home leftovers of your own cookies. 

Wrap Presents (and Eat Petal Pops)

Whether wrapping presents or getting crafty with friends, fuel your creative energy with sweet treats like our Petal Pops, Blossom Bark, and Floral Brownies. You might even be inspired by Flour & Flower treats to add floral finishes to your perfectly wrapped presents.


However you plan to celebrate the holidays, having a delicious selection of Flour & Flower desserts will ensure the sweetness of the season!

Written by Flour and Flower
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