How to store your cakes to keep them fresh for longer

We’ll keep this short and sweet (would you expect anything less from Flour & Flower?): Leftover cake does not need to be stored in the fridge. We know this might go against all of your beliefs but the truth is, most cakes can be stored at room temperature. 

When you bring your cake home from our bakery, we encourage you to store it in the fridge until roughly one hour before serving. This is to ensure your edible flowers remain fresh and vibrant for their big reveal!

After the cake has been served, snapped, and enjoyed (with seconds or thirds!), it’s time to tuck your cake in nice and tight…until the next bite.


Slice of cake

How to store cake for several days

Frosting actually creates a protective barrier around your cake and keeps it nice and fluffy inside, but once it’s been cut, and the cake is exposed to air, it can easily dry out. This is why creating an airtight seal around your cake is the most important step to storing it. You can do this in a few ways. 

You can wrap your cake in plastic wrap. This is great on cut sides, because you can seal the plastic directly against the cut cake. However, to avoid a mess with frosting, you’ll want to use toothpicks to create space between the frosting and plastic wrap.

An easier option is using a cake dome, or even a large bowl, placed over the cake, and creating a tight seal on a flat cake plate.

Cakes can be stored this way, out of the fridge at room temperature, for up to four days.

If your Flour & Flower cake is decorated with fresh flowers, we recommend removing them (sigh) otherwise they will wilt. 

When to store cakes in the fridge

If your kitchen is quite warm, or your cake has a fresh fruit filling or topping, or a whipped cream frosting, it’s best to store your cake in the fridge. 

How to freeze cakes

For special occasion cakes, like a wedding cake, or baptism, you can freeze slices to relive the memories and flavours months later. But how you freeze cake is important. It’s recommended to cut the remaining cake into slices, and freeze them individually.

Start by placing the slices on a baking tray, uncovered, and freeze them for three hours. This helps firm the icing, making the slices easier to handle.

Next, take the slices and wrap them individually in cling wrap, followed by a layer of tin foil. Then place the slice in a Ziploc bag and label the bag with the cake and date.

To defrost slices, place them on a plate in the fridge to thaw, keeping the layers of wrapping on. Give your slices at least eight hours in the fridge to defrost. Once defrosted, you can remove the cake from the fridge and let it rest at room temperature for one hour before enjoying.

Store your cake and eat it too 

With these helpful tips for storing cakes, you’ll keep your Flour & Flower cakes fresh, and give the idea of leftovers a majorly sweet rebrand.
Written by Flour and Flower
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