8 baking tools every kitchen needs (the F&F team can’t live without these!)

Set yourself up for sweet success with the must-have baking tools every kitchen requires. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself halfway through a recipe and missing an essential tool. Avoid a baking blunder and stock your drawers and cupboards now with these must-haves, many of which can be found at your local dollar store. With our list of Flour & Flower’s favourite baking tools, you’ll have no problem rising to the occasion.

Baking Pans

Ah, the simple baking pan. How critical can a baking pan really be, you might ask? Very! The right pan is essential for even baking, and easy cleaning. We prefer aluminum sheet pans for baking cookies. Aluminum conducts heat well and evenly, ensuring a consistent bake. It’s also lightweight, non-stick, and very affordable (so stock up–we recommend at least three in every kitchen).

Mixing Bowls

Every baker’s kitchen should have a set of mixing bowls in various sizes. Stainless steel bowls are a solid, durable option, and work well if you like using a hand mixer in your bowls. We love a good set of colourful plastic bowls too, with a pour spout and handle on the opposite side. Look for bowls with a grip on the bottom, and have a glass bowl or two as microwave-safe options.

A Whisk

When a recipe calls for a whisk, you can’t fork it! Whisks are specifically designed to draw air into a recipe, which is a critical component for many baked goods. Don’t “whisk” it, stock your kitchen with one large whisk and one small whisk and you’ll be walking on air when the recipe calls for one!

Measuring Cups

We take our measuring cups very seriously, because if you’ve ever used subpar cups, you know the struggle (our cups truly runneth over). For measuring dry ingredients, we like individual cups per measurement, so you can take a big scoop from your flour bag, and drag a knife along the top for a clean, perfect measurement. For wet ingredients, glass measuring cups with a spout and handle allow you to easily measure a precise amount in the cup, and then pour your ingredient out. 


Waste not, want not! Good spatulas in three sizes (small, medium, and large) belong in every baker’s kitchen. With a good spatula, you can scrape every last drop of batter into your pans, spread frosting, and in a pinch, fold batter. Just remember: never use your spatulas against high heat, and hand wash them to avoid warping in the dishwasher.

Offset Spatula

An offset spatula may seem unnecessary, especially if your kitchen is stocked with a small spatula, but if you plan on icing cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, it’s worth it to invest in an offset spatula or two (and thankfully, this investment won’t break the bank). An offset spatula is similar to a knife or spatula, but the dull, rounded blade dips, allowing you to easily spread icing without dragging your hand across frosting. 

Cooling racks

The cooling process is just as critical as the baking process, so having a few cooling racks to transfer your cookies to is a must. If cookies are left to cool on a hot pan, they’ll actually continue baking! Transferring to a cooling rack, where air can hit your cookies on all sides will ensure a perfect bake.


Tweezers in the kitchen? Hear us out. If you plan to recreate any of our blooming baked goods, with dried or fresh flowers, you’ll need the delicate and precise arms of tweezers to lift, place, and arrange them. 

When it comes to baking, these are the eight tools the Flour & Flower team can’t live without (muffin else compares!). Stock your home with these kitchen tools and your next baking endeavour will be a piece of cake.

Written by Flour and Flower
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