How to set the perfect dessert table

It doesn’t matter how old your guests are, everyone gets a little giddy when they spy a dessert table. However, not all tables are created equally. We’ve styled dessert tables for intimate dinners, bridal and baby showers, and 100+ person weddings. Here’s our foolproof recipe for designing a dessert table worthy of the feed. 


Pick a theme

Whether you’re following the theme of the larger event, or creating something unique for the dessert table, having a vision and theme will help you narrow down choices for the desserts, the serving dishes, and the flowers and decor. For example, you won’t be swayed by colourful tulips when your theme is winter white. Pinterest is a great tool to browse for inspiration. Take notes on the specific cake stands and dessert trays used to achieve a theme. We always have great luck finding treasures at thrift shops!


Variety is the sugar and spice of life

Next on your list of priorities is nailing down the desserts. If you feel like a kid in a candy store, it’s because you literally are! Aim for a nice variety of baked treats, like our Botanical Blossom Cookies and Floral Brownies, chocolate options (have you seen our Rose Gold Bark? Perfection!), and a balance of sweet and savoury bites. And always include a gluten-free and vegan option. This way, there’s something for everyone’s palate and preferences. And of course, know your numbers before placing your order. There’s nothing worse than hangry party guests!


Iced shortbread cookies on dessert table at party


Level up your design

Don’t let your dessert table fall flat. Building levels will create visual interest on your tablescape, and highlight the show-stopper desserts. Cake stands and tiered trays are an easy option, but we love seeing people get creative, like stacking colourful books below serving dishes, or using old wooden crates or decorative boxes. Whatever you choose, make sure it supports your theme. The goal is for everything to look cohesive.


Fill’er up with flowers (skip the flames)

Once you’ve created your levels (assembling them like risers on the table), you can fill in empty areas with flowers and decor. Keep arrangements small and low, so as not to block the desserts (priorities, please!). And skip the candles. When guests start going for the desserts, we can’t risk a sleeve going up in flames. 


Take it to-go

If you really want to go down as the host with the most, prepare to-go bags so guests can save sweets for later. (Cupcakes enjoyed the morning after might just be our favourite breakfast food.)

With these five simple tips, designing an eye-catching dessert table, worthy of your Instagram feed, will feel like a piece of cake!

Written by Flour and Flower
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